How to achieve 100% DSE assessment completion rates for your business

How to achieve 100% DSE assessment completion rates for your business

Managing the requirements of the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations can be a significant challenge at scale. Under the Health and Safety DSE Regulations 1992, employers have a legal duty to provide DSE assessments for all desk workers to reduce their risk of developing workplace musculoskeletal (MSK) issues like back pain. 

65% of desk workers develop MSK pain, most commonly caused by poor posture or incorrect workplace setups. In most cases, these issues are entirely preventable with better workplace ergonomics and healthy working habits. DSE assessments play a vital role in reducing desk-related pain, as they help you identify any ergonomic risks in your team’s workplace.  

However, achieving high DSE assessment completion rates is often an uphill battle, particularly at companies with larger numbers of employees. If you manage DSE assessments, you’ll know the logistical challenges of tracking completion rates across large, often global teams, who typically work both at home and in the office. Not to mention the time spent chasing employees to complete their assessments!

Luckily, there’s an easier way forward. Leading digital workspace assessments like Vitrue VIDA are designed to automate DSE admin, analysis and reporting by integrating directly into your Learning Management Systems. Integrating DSE training solutions into your existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a game-changer for DSE compliance. With the help of a standard called SCORM (short for Shareable Content Object Reference Model), you can use the power of your LMS to boost completion rates in your team.

“As a company, our mission is to eliminate MSK pain for millions of people. Making it easy for employees to access health-promoting products is a key part of that. That’s why we put huge effort into ensuring our product can integrate into your existing workflows for DSE compliance. LMS integrations through SCORM are a fantastic way to maximise reach and compliance rates, while making our admins’ lives easier!”

Alex Haslehurst, Co-founder and CTO at Vitrue Health

What is SCORM?

SCORM is a set of technical standards that enables various e-learning courses and LMS to work together. This means that no matter who created your training materials, they can all sit in one place. All the completion rates and assessment scores are stored there too. So your team can access all your training centrally and you can consolidate the training data into one place.

SCORM compliance means your chosen DSE solution can effortlessly blend into your existing LMS such as Workday Learning, Docebo, Cornerstone, 360learning, Moodle and more. No need for any development work or complex implementation – just a simple integration that works! 

How does SCORM elevate DSE compliance?

A SCORM-LMS integration makes it easier for you to monitor DSE assessment completion rates and results through your LMS. This keeps everything in one place and saves you valuable time. You’ll have a full picture of your team’s data, allowing you to identify any risks in your company and tackle them before it’s too late. 

Embedding DSE training into your existing LMS also simplifies the learning experience for employees. Your team can access DSE assessments in the systems they already use. This enables employees to be more self-driven about their own learning, leading to better engagement and compliance across your company.

How VIDA’s new integration can help

For large, complex organisations, delivering valuable training through DSE assessments to reduce MSK pain is often a huge challenge. We designed VIDA to make your life easier and take the pain out of DSE compliance. 

VIDA is a digital DSE solution designed to fit seamlessly into your company’s workflow. Our new SCORM-LMS integration enables VIDA to effortlessly sync with your LMS, making DSE compliance even more accessible and manageable. No more chasing your team to complete their assessments!

No more chasing your team to complete their assessments! VIDA’s new integration allows you to go beyond compliance to see the impact and improvements in your team, including lower rates of MSK pain. A seamless new way to boost DSE completion rates and improve health and wellbeing at your company.

When enterprise customers integrate with their LMS, it takes out all the manual effort and we regularly see almost 100% completion rates. It’s been game changing for streamlining DSE compliance.

Tash Adkins, Head of Customer Success at Vitrue Health

What your IT team needs to know

Getting started with VIDA’s new integration couldn’t be easier. Simply let your IT team know that VIDA is SCORM compliant. It can integrate with virtually any LMS with minimal setup, including Workday Learning, Cornerstone, 360learning, Moodle and many more. 

For more information on how VIDA can help you elevate DSE compliance and boost completion rates at your company in 2024, get in touch with us at or book a demo today.  

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