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Reducing the impact of musculoskeletal issues

Using cutting edge technology to provide personalised assessment and reduce pain

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Reducing musculoskeletal issues for millions of people

At Vitrue Health, our mission is to reduce or eliminate the impact that musculoskeletal health issues have on over 40% of the population using cutting edge technology. We believe that the foundation of successful outcomes in musculoskeletal health, at every stage of the pathway, is accurate assessment. Whether it's a desk worker with early stages of neck pain or a patient having a total knee replacement, Vitrue's technology can help.

For Employers
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Vitrue VIDA is a digital workplace assessment tool that reduces issues like back pain in your teams while making you DSE compliant.

DSE assessments

General wellbeing

Pain Coach

Burnout assessments

For Clinicians
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Vitrue EVVA allows you to provide your clients with state of the art, full-body biomechanics assessments of motor function in 5 minutes.


Elite Sports

Health Screening


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