Quantified Motor Function Assessment

Perform quantitative, accurate and sensitive assessments of patient motor function in clinical settings

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Quantified Motor Function

Objective, Repeatable, Scientific Assessment

Functional health information is a powerful tool enabling clinicians to maintain patient quality of life, but it is let down by imperfect assessment tools that are subjective, have poor repeatability and are insensitive to incremental change.

Vitrue's computer vision based system will remove these issues by accurately measuring motor function and automating large portions of the reporting burden bringing huge cost savings while enabling clinicians to vastly improve patient outcomes.


Improved Sensitivity

The data collected by Vitrue can detect and highlight changes in a patients functional ability before even the patient notices. Small improvements or declines in core strength, range of motion or balance are detected to inform rehabilitation plans or prove the efficacy of new interventions. 

Quantitative Evidence Base

Vitrue collects objective and repeatable data about a patients motor function during tests like sit to stand, 180 degree turns and standing and sitting balance. 

Standardised Reports

The information collected by the system is automatically and instantly output in clear and visual reports meaning multidisciplinary teams can take full advantage of the information at a glance.

Reduced Admin Time

Automated reports substantially reduce the amount of admin time by providing a quantitative foundation for report. The software also provides inputs for contextual information such as environmental/social details, ADLs and cognitive function. Ultimately the system enables clinicians to spend more time with their patients while improving patient throughput and reducing delayed transfers of care. 


Health Screening

Used in full body "MOT" personal and corporate health assessments


Pre/post orthopaedic surgery assessment to guide treatment and rehabilitation as well as collect efficacy evidence

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