Quantified Motor Function Assessment

Perform quantitative, accurate and sensitive assessments of patient motor function in clinical settings
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Musculoskeletal health is one of the most important aspects of health related quality of life. Across the spectrum of musculoskeletal problems from a patient with arthritis having a hip replacement to an athlete with a cruciate ligament issues accurate assessment is crucial to outcomes and patient experience. 

Standard assessment methods are subjective and insensitive and until now technological solutions are unusable in daily assessment pathways. Vitrue EVVA takes leading clinical, biomechanics and motion capture technologies and makes them viable in everyday care.

Whether you're in elite sports, acute care or preventative health screening, Vitrue EVVA can help you.


"We've been working with Vitrue over the past few months to implement their musculoskeletal assessment system across our clinics. Motor function is extremely important to our customers so its extremely important to us to provide a service to screen for it. Vitrue's technology fits perfectly into our offering."


—  Head of Field Operations, Health Screening

Acute MSK

Take baseline assessments and monitor full recovery pathway

Elite Sports

Monitor return to play and detect injury risks

health screening

Spot oncoming issues like hip or back problems early

Simple, portable device

The Vitrue system requires only a depth camera and windows based laptop, both supplied by Vitrue. It can easily be used in your clinic or as a portable system on the road.

Patient History

Track your patients progress over time in Patient History. Monitor speed of recovery and make personalised, targeted changes to your treatment plan in response.

Test Detection and Coaching

Tests are automatically detected meaning no interruptions to your patient interaction.

Augmented reality tests help you to show your patients how to complete functional tests accurately and repeatably

Squad Comparison

For sport settings, the squad comparison feature lets you see your players performance relative to the full squad. Spot weaknesses and injury risks easily.

Quantitative Evidence Base

Vitrue collects objective and repeatable data about a patients motor function during tests like sit to stand, 180 degree turns and standing and sitting balance. 

Improved Sensitivity

The data collected by Vitrue can detect and highlight changes in a patients functional ability before even the patient notices. Small improvements or declines in core strength, range of motion or balance are detected to inform rehabilitation plans or prove the efficacy of new interventions. 

Reduced Admin Time

Automated reports substantially reduce the amount of admin time by providing a quantitative foundation for report. The software also provides inputs for contextual information such as environmental/social details, ADLs and cognitive function. Ultimately the system enables clinicians to spend more time with their patients while improving patient throughput and reducing delayed transfers of care. 

Standardised Reports

The information collected by the system is automatically and instantly output in clear and visual reports meaning multidisciplinary teams can take full advantage of the information at a glance.

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