Your guide to creating a safer workplace with ISO 45001 and VIDA

Your guide to creating a safer workplace with ISO 45001 and VIDA

28% of employees have major health hazards in their workspace, making them far more susceptible to desk-related injuries like neck strain. Staying informed about the latest health and safety standards, such as ISO 45001, can help companies improve workplace safety and foster a culture of wellbeing.

What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is a set of guidelines to help companies establish effective systems for workplace health and safety. It’s not a legal requirement, but implementing ISO 45001 can help you demonstrate your company’s commitment to creating a safe and healthy workplace.

The ISO 45001 guidelines provide a structured framework for creating a safe workplace, without the need for formal documentation. Instead, it promotes a flexible ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ methodology for continuous improvement in workplace safety. This approach can be adapted according to the size and resources of your business.

When implemented alongside tools like VIDA, a leading digital workspace assessment designed to reduce work-related injuries in desk workers, ISO 45001 can make a big impact in establishing a safety culture at your company.

Did you know? The ISO 45000 series addresses all aspects of workplace health and safety, including mental wellbeing and psychological safety.

How does VIDA work alongside ISO 45001?

VIDA and ISO 45001 have the same principles of workplace safety and wellbeing at heart. VIDA’s AI webcam assessment empowers employees to reduce any risks in their own workspaces, supporting your company’s safety culture. 

Here’s how VIDA works seamlessly alongside ISO 45001’s ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ approach to workplace health and safety:

1. Plan – VIDA’s workspace assessments can help you plan and identify the best ergonomic setups for desk workers to avoid musculoskeletal injuries like back pain. 

2. Do – VIDA’s AI-powered recommendations can support and inform your implementation of ergonomic improvements to support your team’s physical health.

3. Check – With VIDA’s analytics into your team’s workspaces, you can monitor the effectiveness of these ergonomic improvements in real time.

4. Act – VIDA provides ongoing insights into safety and wellbeing at your company. It can help you make any necessary adjustments to your team’s setups in line with ISO 45001 guidelines.

Is ISO 45001 right for my company?

The flexibility of the ISO 45001 standard makes it a great option for companies of all sizes. It’s much more about people than paperwork, as you can tailor your implementation to address your company’s specific risks and processes. 

However, it’s important to consider whether a certification is practical for your company, or if your commitment to safety can be demonstrated in other ways. While an ISO 45001 certification is valuable, regulatory inspectors will always look at the whole picture when it comes to health and safety at your company. 

For more information on how you can create a safe and healthy workplace with VIDA and ISO 45001, get in touch with us at or book a demo today!

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