Introducing VIDA's MSK Copilot Powered By OpenAI

Introducing VIDA’s MSK Copilot – Powered By OpenAI

You could spend days trying to understand where the causes and risks for musculoskeletal (MSK) pain lie in your organisation – or you could use VIDA’s AI-powered MSK Copilot.

We’ve all tried to find solutions online, looking for answers to reduce back pain, improve workplace ergonomics, or enhance overall wellbeing. Since every organisation and every employee is unique, they require solutions specifically tailored to their needs. That’s where Vitrue VIDA comes in. When you use our AI-powered “MSK Copilot” to understand and address MSK issues, you’ll get personalised insights and recommendations based on comprehensive data tailored to your company’s specific needs. Whether it’s about reducing risks for individuals in your team, supporting overall employee health, or managing company-wide MSK risk, our AI-driven solutions are here to help.

VIDA MSK Copilot: Your New Best Friend in MSK Management

VIDA’s MSK Copilot is designed to help you get the insights you need to meet your goals. Whether that’s understanding MSK pain between departments in your company, getting extra help understanding how to support complex cases, or getting data on the ROI you’ve achieved from lowering pain. Below are just 3 use cases, but stay tuned for a lot more!

1. Getting insights on a company level

With a diverse workforce working across remote, office and hybrid systems, it can be a huge challenge to understand where your team’s physical wellbeing is strongest or has the largest gaps. VIDA’s MSK Copilot provides a macro view, helping you assess and manage MSK risk across your entire organisation. It can identify trends and compliance gaps, ensuring you stay ahead of potential issues. You can inquire about specific locations, compliance status, or any other company-wide concerns related to MSK risk.

When would I use this? PMI claims for MSK issues are extremely high in your Paris office. You offer the same benefit packages and the demographics are the same. You’ve been tasked with understanding why claims are so high in Paris, and find ways to lower them. VIDA’s MSK Copilot can show you what pain looks like in Paris vs other locations, how that compares with other organisations and where the easiest wins are to reduce pain in the Paris team.

2. Understanding how to support an individual employee

VIDA is designed to empower large teams to engage with their own MSK health at work and drastically reduce the need for manual review. However, even for small numbers of complex cases where human review and support is required, across teams it can be a huge workload. The VIDA MSK Copilot is designed for a broader overview of a user’s MSK health and workplace risks. It’s perfect for admins who need to understand the biggest MSK threats facing individual employees and seek ways to support them comprehensively. Whether you’re curious about a user’s top risks or looking for strategies to reduce their pain, VIDA’s MSK Copilot has you covered.

When would I use this? You have a team member who is heavily pregnant and has reported severe shoulder pain. She has been doing physiotherapy but the pain keeps coming back after a few hours at her desk. As a company your standard desk setup gets great scores but its not working for her. What can you do to support her? (hint: a growing baby bump often means the person has to over reach to get to their mouse which strains their shoulder).

3. Understanding a specific risk

Knowing a team member has a mobility limitation and is missing back support is interesting, but it’s very difficult to understand what impact that has, especially when you consider the wide range of needs and risks across a diverse team. With VIDA’s MSK Copilot, you can get specific insights into the impact of each risk on that individual and what can be done to support them. VIDA will already be helping the person tackle their own pain and risk, but now VIDA’s MSK Copilot will provide you with detailed explanations and actionable advice, empowering you to make informed decisions in complex cases.

When would I use this? Imagine a team member reports experiencing neck pain in the office. Their VIDA report shows that they have a great desk setup, but they’re arm wrests are forcing them to sit a little further from the screen. But how could that be causing neck pain? Before you consider making a change, VIDA MSK Copilot can help you understand the impact and justify the change (hint: people sitting too far away tend to extend their necks which increases the force on the spine to support it!).

How does it work?

VIDA MSK Copilot uses proprietary Vitrue algorithms, a custom-built MSK risk machine learning model, the latest in musculoskeletal health research. It uses unique data about your team’s posture, ergonomics, behaviours, lifestyle, and pre-existing risk factors to identify patterns and connections across your company. Combined with Vitrue’s data from users across the world, VIDA MSK Copilot generates highly individualised, conversational responses to your questions around MSK health in your company – all within seconds.

A note on data privacy

VIDA MSK Copilot is powered by a combination of Vitrue algorithms and the latest LLM models from OpenAI. However, no personally identifiable data is ever shared with OpenAI. We take data privacy seriously and ensure that all data is handled securely and in compliance with relevant regulations.

How do I use it?

Musculoskeletal pain is a leading cause of workplace absence and decreased productivity and is an extremely complex problem to solve at scale. This is evidenced by the fact that 62% of desk workers are currently working while experiencing MSK pain.

Every case is different and there is no one size fits all solution to pain in the workplace. But by leveraging these AI tools, you can get an in-depth understanding of the problem and a bespoke approach to not only enhance individual employee well-being but also improve overall organisational health.

Tailored to Your Strategic Priorities

Every organisation’s strategic priorities are different. The addition of our intelligent VIDA MSK Copilot means VIDA can be personalised to your company’s needs, priorities, and goals. Whether your focus is on inclusivity in the workplace, improving the wellbeing of remote teams, or standardising rates of wellbeing across a global workforce, VIDA’s MSK Copilot adapts to help you achieve your unique objectives.

How to access VIDA MSK Copilot 

VIDA MSK Copilot is available throughout the platform. Just log in as an admin and head to your company dashboard, an individual employee’s latest report or your insights screen. Type in a question and VIDA MSK Copilot will respond, evaluating your company’s data, that of the VIDA community, and the latest performance science and research.

Get Started Today

Ready to take your MSK risk management to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about how Vitrue VIDA’s AI-powered features can benefit your organisation. Let’s work together to eliminate unnecessary pain and create a healthier, more compliant workplace.

At Vitrue Health, we’re on a mission to reduce musculoskeletal pain for millions of people. For more information on how VIDA can reduce pain in your team, get in touch with us at or book a demo today!

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Shane is CEO and co-founder at Vitrue Health.

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