3 big benefits of a globally consistent employee wellbeing and health and safety solution

3 big benefits of a globally consistent employee wellbeing and health and safety solution

Rolling out a consistent employee wellbeing or health and safety solution may seem like a huge challenge if your company operates across the globe. With employees scattered across various offices and countries, multinational companies often end up dividing into siloes with different priorities and very little global consistency in the tools and technologies used by staff.  

One of the first hurdles companies face when trying to implement a global solution is choosing a tool which also allows local flexibility. Vitrue VIDA has a suite of features to support big enterprise rollouts, whilst providing local teams with the ability to take care of their own DSE and health and safety needs. These include flexible user permissions and multi-language support, allowing you to balance local employee wellbeing needs with overarching global policies. 

With the right tools in place, there are many advantages of streamlining your approach to employee wellbeing and health and safety at large organisations.

Here are three big benefits of having global consistency in the tools and solutions you provide your staff:

1. A simplified approach to DSE and health and safety regulations

DSE and health and safety regulations are incredibly widespread across the globe. Most countries and jurisdictions have their own set of regulations and guidance, governed by various regulatory bodies. 

The specific regulations in the UK, European Union, United States and Australia are detailed in our whitepaper on employer DSE regulations for hybrid working. 

For multinational companies, understanding and navigating the requirements across many different countries can be quite a challenge. If compliance slips and you don’t follow the relevant regulations, you’re putting yourself at a greater risk of workplace compensation claims if an employee sustains an injury caused by a poorly set up workstation.

Did you know? A freelance journalist claimed £37,500 in compensation for a repetitive strain injury she developed at work, as her employer did not follow the DSE regulations.

Despite the nuances in local requirements and differences from country to country, the regulations exist for the same reason – to protect desk workers from the health risks of working at a computer all day. Having a globally consistent health and safety tool can take the pain out of DSE compliance and make your life much easier. Vitrue VIDA complies with the world’s most stringent DSE regulations, simplifying your employer health and safety requirements whilst reducing MSK pain in your team. 

2. Better data, insights and ROI 

The main purpose of a digital health and safety or ergonomics solution is to help create a safer working environment for your team and improve their wellbeing. Without a globally consistent solution in place, it’s very difficult to get any big-picture insights into your employees’ habits and the overall state of wellbeing at your company. 

A global solution can provide you with better data, insights and ROI, both locally and globally. On a local scale, managers can see the same type of data to better manage their teams and align efforts to improve wellbeing, whether they are based in Madrid, Mumbai or Mexico. Centrally, you can see the bigger picture of pain reduction and health and safety across your company as a whole. It’s also much easier to prove ROI and report any savings across all countries! 

Want to calculate the potential return on investment you could get by providing your team with workspace assessments through Vitrue VIDA? Check out the ROI calculator on our website! 

Vitrue VIDA’s analytics dashboard gives you a window into your team’s workplace setups, pain levels and ergonomic needs, including any issues and trends on a local and global level. It also provides a simple and fair system for managing ergonomic equipment based on pain levels and individual workplace setups. 

3. Consistency in culture and benefits

Most companies have overarching goals, culture and a shared vision. Employee engagement is foundational to company culture. When employees feel engaged with their overall company goals, it can lead to improved physical and mental health, increased productivity and better retention rates across the organisation.

Employee benefits are a key part of company culture and the majority of employees consider wellbeing benefits to be a top priority when applying for a new job. With a global solution, you are providing the same benefits to employees across the globe. This helps to create a consistent company culture, enabling staff to work towards the same goals such as pain reduction and wellbeing. 

For more information on how VIDA can help you offer a globally consistent employee wellbeing and health and safety solution at your company, get in touch with us at sales@vitruehealth.com or try out VIDA yourself for free!

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