Feet not on the ground? Create your own footrest!

Feet not on the ground? Create your own footrest!

One of the top five issues we see in VIDA is people whose feet don’t comfortably reach the ground when they are working at their desks.

In the ideal sitting posture, your knees should be somewhere between 90-120 degrees and your feet comfortably supported by the floor. When this is not the case, there are strains placed on a variety of areas in your body including your knees and lower back. Over time these strains can develop into musculoskeletal pains.

Not just about foot height

Footrests can bring further benefits past that of appropriate foot height. Adjustable models which allow for changing the angle of the support platform (or even rocking models) allow for variations of flexion and extension of the ankle and encourage changing positions of the feet. This kind of active seating can improve circulation and is linked to improved energy levels during prolonged sitting. However, studies on active sitting show varying results, so you should consider the ability to incorporate movement as a nice comfort feature rather than a full requirement or injury prevention feature.

Doesn’t need to be complex or expensive

While footrests on the market range from £10 – £100, the reality is anything that can provide a raised platform that provides your feet with support while keeping your knees between 90 and 120 degrees is a perfectly functional option.

If you walk around your home it’s likely that you already have plenty of options for a hacked together, immediate and free solution, like a pile of books!

books as footrest

You could also use an old shoebox…

…or if you’re feeling DIY inclined and want to try carpentry, a footrest is a pretty good first project!

Easy solutions can make all the difference

Like most areas of setting up a great workspace, footrests don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Any of the options above will keep your feet at the right height, reduce strain on your body and help you to work healthily and happily.

It’s important to remember that preventing even the smallest injuries can prevent bigger issues down the line. For that reason everyone should do an in-office and/or home working risk assessment or desk assessment and have a good ergonomic workstation. You health is the most important thing you own, so treat it that way!


Shane is CEO and co-founder at Vitrue Health.

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