Regulatory Compliance

Achieve DSE certification for your hybrid and office teams in seconds

Complete your DSE compliance task today


With VIDA's tech driven approach and multiple enterprise ready onboarding systems, you can sign up in the morning, onboard your team and be DSE compliant before lunch.

Whether they're at home, in the office or somewhere in between, give your team access to VIDA and know that you have met your DSE assessment requirements

DSE assessments shouldn't be an admin headache


VIDA takes care of onboarding your team, sending reminders, following up results and collating your compliance data. Just sign up, enter your teams details and DSE compliance is fully managed in the background.

VIDA is full CPD approved and keeps all of your compliance records in one place meaning once you've given an employee access, your DSE job is done!

DSE assessments can be an employee benefit


With VIDA, your DSE system turns from a task your team have to complete, to a meaningful benefit that improves their wellbeing, workplace satisfaction and quality of life!

VIDA has been proven through case studies with real customers to reduce pain for 92% of users by an average of 34%. 


Healthy working isn't just about buying new equipment


Traditional DSE approaches can rely too heavily on buying new equipment to improve your teams' workspaces. Not only is it costly, but with people working from multiple locations as standard, its not the most effective strategy either. 

VIDA empowers your team to make changes to their own workspaces, habits and posture to reduce risk immediately. Whether that's guiding the user on frequent standing breaks (rather than a standing desk) or helping them to raise their screen to the correct height wherever they are.

No need to chase for compliance


Because VIDA is a new approach to DSE, offering your team a genuine employee benefit, compliance rates are extremely high with over 80% of users completing their assessment before the first automated reminder!

With VIDA as your new DSE system, you can show employees your commitment to their physical wellbeing! Average employee ratings of VIDA are 4.6/5!

Cutting edge AI technology

VIDA uses innovative computer vision technology to measure your teams' posture and ergonomics automatically in a 5 second webcam assessments. Give your teams access to the latest and best technology in DSE assessment. Learn more about how we help employers automate DSE assessments here.

* Images never leave the users laptop so privacy is 100% guaranteed.

Modern assessment user experience your team will love

No more chasing people to complete long, boring forms. VIDAs modern user experience with features like our visual workspace planner mean employees love using VIDA. Take the headache of compliance rates and having to follow up off your shoulders.

Reports to empower employees to lower their own risks

Buying new equipment is rarely the only answer. By guiding and educating your team on their risks and how they can solve them, VIDA employee reports reduce the admin burden on HR and health and safety teams. Ensure your plate is cleared to focus only on those that need the extra help.

Distribute responsibility

With VIDA's versatile admin permission systems, you can include all of the stakeholders in the system. For complex, large organisations, scaling a DSE system can be a huge challenge. Provide managers and local teams with the ability to take care of their own DSE needs.

Monthly emails

Each month you'll receive handy summary emails showing your DSE compliance rates, any new employees with high pain or red flags, trends in equipment use and comparisons against industry. No need to go analysing endless spreadsheets - VIDA does it for you!

Read our white paper on DSE regulations in hybrid companies

A comprehensive guide to help employers navigate their legal duties to desk workers under the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations and boost employee wellbeing in the new normal.

See how Vitrue VIDA can streamline your DSE system in a hybrid working world

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