A Proactive Benefit to Reduce Pain

Eliminate MSK Risk in your Driving Employees


of professional drivers suffer from musculoskeletal problems like neck, back and shoulder pain

Musculoskeletal pain is not an inevitable part of driving


71% of taxi drivers, 80% of bus drivers and 81% of lorry drivers live with musculoskeletal pain. It's unsurprising that it can be viewed as an inevitable part of the job. But that is not the case.

Vitrue's technology is proven to reduce issues like back pain in drivers through a combination of ergonomics and behaviour changes coupled with targeted stretching advice. 

Empower your employees to solve pain before it escalates


Occupational health is a crucial function for any company. However, it shouldn't be a catch all for all musculoskeletal issues at work. Partly due to a lack of systems for earlier, more proactive approaches to musculoskeletal risk and pain, 29% of truck drivers and 15% of taxi drivers typically lose at least 5 working days each year due to lower back pain alone.


By providing your team members with a platform to reduce risks and avoid pain early on, you can make huge savings and help your team before their pain becomes debilitating. 

Its hard to be happy and focused on the road when you've got constant pain


For those employees who spend long hours on the road while suffering with musculoskeletal pain, it's easy for that pain to spread into frustration at work. The miles feel longer, the challenges seem bigger and the wins seem smaller. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. With VIDA you can help to reduce that pain immediately and help your team be happier and safer on the road.

Driving ergonomics

One of the key contributors to pain in drivers is how they set up their vehicle. Modern cars, vans and lorries can usually be personalised to fit the needs of the driver, but often, the driver has no idea what those needs are. That's why 54% of people are driving with postures that increase their risk. VIDA gives them a personalised guide to fix that.

Behavioural change program

Perfect cab ergonomics is just one part of reducing pain for long distance drives. There are small changes in behaviour that can make a huge difference in reducing risk. VIDA guides your colleagues to pick up these pain reducing habits.

Targeted pain reduction program

After completing their assessment, your team member will be enrolled in a 10 day pain reduction program personalised to their pain, behaviours and working style.

Their program will include daily stretches and exercises. Each one lasts around 5 minutes and can easily be incorporated into their day - either before setting off or even while filling the tank.

Personalised pain education

It has been widely proven that a key element of reducing musculoskeletal pain is helping the person to understand where the pain is coming from. 

For your colleague with back pain, VIDA will teach them how their back functions, what the common causes of pain are and how their pain program will help. 

Actionable insights

You and the other admins of your team will receive monthly updates to show the reductions in pain in your team, how that compares with industry averages and what you can do about it.

Combined with VIDA's desk and physical labour tools, you can also compare pain rates across different roles in your company. 

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