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If you're an investor and would like to see more in depth FAQs you can head over to this page. Get in touch and we'll let you know the password.

  • Do you attach sensors to the patient?
    No - the measurement is done using a single depth sensor. Nothing gets attached to the patient!
  • What can it measure?
    The Vitrue system measures a patient's performance during a wide range of standard motor function tests e.g. sit to stand, standing and sitting balance. Output metrics differ depending on the test e.g. center of mass linearity during a sit to stand.
  • How are the results output?
    The results are compiled into both clinician and patient facing reports which can be saved as a pdf or exported to csv for integration into existing systems.
  • How do I know its accurate?
    Vitrue are putting validation at the center of the company's culture. The device is tested against top of the range gold standard optical motion capture systems (from Vicon Motion Systems) and is also manual physiotherapist assessment in patient trials.
  • Can I request specific tests?
    Yes please! At Vitrue we're putting clinician's needs right at the center of our products. If there's particular tests you'd love to see (toe touch, single leg squat etc) please let us know and we'll implement them!
  • How long does it take?
    The Vitrue system adds just 30 seconds to the assessment pathway. The assessment itself looks almost exactly the same! So if its currently taking 10 minutes to measure your patient's motor function you'll need 10 minutes and 30 seconds. The best thing is the automated reports cut down on your admin time so you can save that 30 seconds and much more!
  • Do I have to calibrate it?
    No! There's some super complex algorithms running inside to ensure that everything is self set up, self calibrating. So your focus can remain where it should be, on your patient.
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