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World class data security

VIDA is built on secure AWS infrastructure with data privacy and information security at the center of everything we do. We follow best practice on encryption, GDPR and are cyber essentials certified.

Easy SSO integration

VIDA can be used with Azure, Okta and Google SSO. Set up takes just a couple of minutes. Not only can VIDA handle authentication with SSO but also user provisioning and data tagging.

No headaches from JML and managing permissions.

Flexible user permission settings

With VIDA's versatile admin permission systems, you can include all of the stakeholders in the system. For complex, large organisations, scaling a DSE system can be a huge challenge. Provide managers and local teams with the ability to take care of their own DSE needs.

End user support

Enterprise customers not only have access to enterprise level user support over email, chat and phone, but our team will also work with you to develop any branded promotional or training materials you like.

High DSE Assessment completion with LMS and HRIS

Achieving 100% DSE assessment completion rates is no longer a challenge. VIDA is synced with your LMS and HRIS, keeping everything in one place and making DSE assessment compliance fully automated.
Deliver valuable DSE training to reduce MSK pain and prevent risks. No more manual steps. Learn more here

Multi-language support

VIDA is available in English, Spanish, Italian and latin american spanish. Additional languages are available on request so your DSE and wellbeing platform can be rolled out across the globe.

Commitment to enterprise​

VIDA has been designed from the ground up as enterprise grade software to fit the needs of all businesses. We are extremely committed to continuing our enterprise feature development to help VIDA fit seamlessly into your workflow.

See how Vitrue VIDA can streamline your DSE system in a hybrid working world

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