About Vitrue Health

We’re a fast moving startup passionate about bringing quantitative measurement technology to musculoskeletal healthcare.

vitrue health team
vitrue team

Our mission

We're on a mission to reduce musculoskeletal pain for millions of people.

Our values

Eager to explore
We're innovative because we're curious about everything
Make an impact
We only do things if they move the needle
The scientific method
Science as a foundation, data guides decisions, test everything
We start with respect and trust in each other's abilities
Great & done is better than perfect
Our pursuit of excellence starts with action
Tomorrow better than today
We always take opportunities to improve, no matter how small or big
We believe that working collaboratively and capitalising on multiple views drives the best outcomes

Improving musculoskeletal
health for all

We are on a mission to change the way we assess and treat musculoskeletal conditions across healthcare. Currently clinicians and ergonomists rely on their sight alone to measure patient motor function and technology is doing nothing to help them. These clinicians play a key role in patient’s quality of life and our technology is all about supporting them.

Exceptional team

Meet the team

Shane Lowe
Shane Lowe

Shane’s background is in engineering with a PhD in the prediction of oncoming degradations in musculoskeletal health based on functional movement. His focus at Vitrue is ensuring that its products meet the needs of its customers and that VIDA is available to reduce pain for millions of people.

Alex Haslehurst
Alex Haslehurst

Alex is an engineer with a masters degree from Cambridge University in biomechanics. At Vitrue Alex leads the design and development of all of our products ensuring that they both integrate seamlessly with our customers existing systems while also providing amazing user experiences that reduce pain.

Tash Adkins
Tash Adkins
Head of Customer Success

Tash is an expert in helping customers get what they want and need! She has spent many years delivering innovative digital healthcare products to clients in a smooth and seamless way. She loves making sure clients' needs are at the centre of everything we do.

Chris Self
Chris Self
Software Engineer

Chris is a software developer with a background in structural engineering with a passion for optimising workflows, analysis with innovative design.

Kevin Iseborn
Kevin Iseborn
Software Engineer

Kevin is a full stack developer with a broad range of skills and experience having worked on everything from video game engines and 3D computer graphics to CAD software.

Alisa Kosmakova
Alisa Kosmakova
UX/UI Designer

Alisa brings a people-centric approach to her health tech designs and comes from a HR background. She uniquely incorporates behavioral science to create engaging interfaces. Beyond design, she's a pastry enthusiast, a half-marathon runner, a long-distance swimmer, and has even undertaken a 10-day silent meditation retreat!

Javagar Selvarajah
Javagar Selvarajah
SDR Team Lead

Jav has a degree in Management Science background from UCL and experience in working at other SaaS start-ups. At Vitrue, Jav leads the Sales Development Representative Team to ensure that the Vitrue mission is reaching those that are in need. When not working, you will find him playing/watching sports and spending time with family and friends.

Sophie Greenhead
Sophie Greenhead
Senior Operations Manager

Sophie is essential in keeping the team at Vitrue organised and efficient so we can provide the best service to our customers. She has a wide range of experience in customer ops, HR and tech startups. Fun fact Sophie's middle name is Zuzu (from it’s a wonderful life).

Marisa Dissanayake
Marisa Dissanayake
Content Marketing Manager

Marisa is always looking for opportunities to be creative, both in and outside work! She loves writing articles, creating videos and finding unique ways to engage an audience.

Jessica Gayheart
Jessica Gayheart
Account Executive

Jessica started her career in healthcare operations and management and brings over a decade of experience in business development. When not working, Jessica enjoys making new friends, traveling, and spending time with family and her dog Mogley.

Andrew Sowrey
Andrew Sowrey
Office manager

As the Office Manager at Vitrue Health, Andrew brings a passion for creating a vibrant work environment. With a knack for planning engaging events and ensuring a safe, comfy space, Andrew is the heartbeat of our office.

Nicola Tik
Nicola Tik
Clinical Lead

Nicola comes from a medical background and is always looking for new challenges. She believes prevention is always the best medicine! Nicola enjoys doing yoga, baking bread and spending time with friends and family.

Zahra Sicuro
Zahra Sicuro
Sales Development Representative

Zahra loves to combine creativity with science and enjoys building relationships. Her Chemistry background inspires her to bring an experimental approach to her work. She has a passion for fitness and wellbeing, in her spare time she enjoys going to the gym!

Jamey Abdelnoor
Jamey Abdelnoor
Software Engineer

Jamey is a software developer who loves problem solving. Whether it's understanding a client requirement and building a well rounded solution, digging into processes and practices to find improvements, or doing a Sudoku. Where there's a challenge, he says 'bring it on'!

 Inna Antcheva
Inna Antcheva
Sales Development Representative

Inna has a background in global public health and policy, and has spent the last few years helping clinicians improve medication compliance for their patients through the help of technology. In her spare time, you can catch her doing yoga, cooking, and hanging out with friends.

Work with us

Our mission is to improve quality of life through technology-enabled early detection and personalised treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.  We’re solving a problem that stops millions of people from doing what they love, whether that’s their favourite sport or playing with their grandkids.

You can see our open roles below! We're not overly caught up with exact qualifications, we value smart people who like solving problems and are passionate about our mission. 

London office

Our office is based in Camden Collective, a startup hub in the heart of Camden. We've got a state of the art motion capture lab and a beautiful new office. With Regent's Park a stone's throw away and Camden Market on our doorstop, it's a brilliant part of London to work in!

The benefits

Meaningful equity scheme
25 days annual leave
Wellness budget
Cycle to work scheme
Regular company socials
Annual retreat
Learning budget + 2 days learning leave
Flexible bank holidays

Open Roles

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