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One Football

"What I liked most about the tool is its simplicity and the webcam assessment of posture, sitting position etc. and other interactive features. How to help our teams thrive during these exceptional times is what keeps us up at night and this tool is an amazing way to do that."

Global Leader
Smart Recruit Online

"Our whole staff were blown away with how techy and modern the product was, yet it was extremely intuitive and easy to use. Most people’s favourite feature of VIDA was using their webcam camera to assess their work set-ups - this really got people talking and kept them engaged."

Chantel George, Office & HR Manager
Smart Recruit Online

"We totally love it, people have even been posting screen shots of their desk set up once they completed the assessment. It’s amazing and a wonderful way of providing legal compliance - I’m so pleased I found VIDA! VIDA gives you all the important information you need to prevent neck pain, back pain and other awful desk-related injuries! And it does it in a fun and engaging way."

Madga Janiec-Pettman, Senior People Partner

"The experience so far has been fantastic! We're very aware of both our duties as an employer and also the importance of setting our various teams up for success at home. Working with Vitrue is letting us manage our teams' needs as they were in the office."

Stephen Parish, Health, Safety and Compliance Manager

"Our team have had a fantastic response to the VIDA assessments. Working in a tech company, the team were impressed to see that we are using AI even for our desk assessments! The roll-out was so simple and straightforward and the Admin dashboard has made my life so much easier!""

Ayrton Haider, People Ops
Flair Impact

"Vitrue Vida has taken all of the pain away from DSE Assessments. As a fully remote company, it's hard for me to monitor workspace set-ups but with Vitrue Vida's cutting edge technology, a remote DSE has never been easier, quicker and dare I say it...more fun. I really like the administrator dashboard with in-depth analytics that helps me care for employees in a way that I would otherwise not have access to. "

Jessica Salter, Talent and People Manager
Flair Impact
Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals

"We really encourage employees to complete VIDA assessments regularly, and now everyone has completed an assessment at their home and the office. As an admin this means I can frequently refer back to VIDA, filter by location and look at any specific actions I need to complete, which makes my life so much easier! We use the data from VIDA to work really closely with our Climate Committee and Mental Wellbeing Committee and are creating staff awareness days using the results from VIDA! Using VIDA as a springboard for other areas of the business makes it absolutely invaluable."

Stacey Graham, Business Support Manager
Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals
One Foootball

"VIDA is really straightforward and easy to use and it makes sending DSE assessments very simple. VIDA makes my life easier by sending automated reminders when someone hasn’t completed their assessment - I’ve set it to automatically send new assessments to everyone every 3 months which saves me so much time! The process of getting set up with VIDA was extremely smooth. Being able to try VIDA before we purchased it showed us the value of the process and the importance of the recommendations VIDA provides. It’s also really quick for the end-user, taking only 5 minutes to complete assessments! The interactive elements make it fun and not too taxing for users, setting it apart from traditional DSE assessments."

Joanne Elsey, Office Management Lead,
One Foootball

"Virtue Vida is just was I was looking for, but better! The app is very well designed and the user experience is easy and enjoyable. Getting a team to complete the DSA workplace assessment is a struggle but this app does it all for you . It saves everyone’s time and helps to identify problems that can be resolved quickly."

Louise Bloom, Office Manager

Reviews directly from our users

"The sessions were great, I loved how varied they were, they never got boring. You always actively listened to our feedback and changed accordingly. My favourite was the pilates class, that really helped to turn on the muscles in my back that normally are off when I am slouching at my desk and my back pain & posture was considerably better the next 1-2 days!"

People Operations & Office Coordinator

"I think these sessions are really great! I do have chronic neck pain since I was a teenager and I've done many therapies in the past but I'm quite lazy on regular exercises so I think this is an opportunity for me to make it an habit while working and improve my posture by taking a break for exercising. Also I feel improvement in my legs and shoulders since I started doing it regularly."

Software Engineer

"I've not realised how stiff I was until stretching! Really felt the difference persist throughout the day after doing a morning stretch."

Customer Ops

"VIDA is amazing, fantastic sessions, so informative and relaxing!!! TY so much to the VIDA team - highly recommend to all employers to promote as it benefits employees hugely!!!!"


"I really liked the tips and advice given at the end of the assessment, which I intend to implement and use to measure my progress as time goes by."

Sales Executive

"It was only when I started using Vitrue Vida that I saw the whole picture - the distance to my screen, my shoulder position, my desk setup, and general overall health - that I realized how much I was missing. I took the online assessment and incorporated their advice. I now also now stretch in the morning and I have a much more productive working day. And, importantly, less back pain. Thank you Vitrue Vida"

Software Engineer

"Fantastic, really enjoyed every session I was able to attend. Simona's sessions.. especially the morning warm up stretches are very beneficial when you are sitting at your desk for most of the day. I think it would be fantastic to have this as an ongoing event in work, as it lifts your spirits and helps you physically. A massive thank you from me 🙂 "


"The concept is fantastic - allowing us to destress and also gain some movement after being sat at our computers - its so important to stretch out and feel the release of tension throughout the muscles - setting us up nicely for the next hours at work!! Fantastic concept - love it - long may it continue!"

Referencing Executive

"I can’t wait to go through all the modules. VIDA is fun and informative and it has actually prompted me to take better care of myself throughout the work day! My wonderful boss/friend, Melissa, invited me to the platform and I can’t thank her enough for caring so deeply about her team!!!"

UI/UX Designer

"I thought it was really easy to follow along and understand what was being asked. It was also aesthetically pleasing, the graphics didn’t clutter the screen and cause distractions. I liked the suggestions and guidance points at the end to help me correct what I can correct."

Administrative Officer

"The morning session is great for shaking off any cobwebs for the day ahead, and the afternoon session is a bit more intense and gets the blood pumping. Simona is a great instructor and leaves clear instructions on how to perform each stretch or exercise."


"After I completed the desk assessment, I got helpful tips on how to improve my workspace. I got a laptop stand as advised to help with my pain, and I also bought a backpack for work instead of carrying my laptop in a tote bag, which improved my posture and pain as well. The tips were great!"

Finance Assistant

"It was a new interesting experience for me and a wonderful one. Ergonomics is something that I, badly, tend to ignore or not give enough importance to it, so right now to have such an immersive experience with the questions and software used was pretty cool. The questions felt prepared instead of random or without sense, I loved that."


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