What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the process of making the world we interact with as part of work to be better suited to us. When we say something is ergonomic, we mean that it has been crafted to be fit for human use.

When ergonomic equipment and healthy behaviours are adopted by a desk worker, they can be more confident that they are less likely to develop health risks over time.


Why are ergonomics important?

Musculoskeletal (MSK) health is probably the largest contributor to quality of life there is, and usually, it’s entirely in our control.

Back and neck pains causes more years lived with disability than any other health condition across the globe.
Over 29% of surgeries and 30% of general physician visits are because of MSK issues, of which, many could have been prevented.
MSK issues have knock-on effects for years and impact other systems of the body like mental and digestive health.

What are the most important ergonomic points?

These are some of the most important self-correcting ideas our product VIDA looks out for as part of the workspace wellbeing / desk assessment.

Set your laptop or desktop screen so you're not looking up or down.
Stay hydrated! Your body is 60% water and needs lots of it.
Use an external keyboard and mouse rather than just a laptop.
You should be ~50cm from your screen (about an arm's length).
No slouching! Sit up straight. Roll up a towel for lower back support.
Keep moving for good health! Have lunches away from the desk & take walks!

Vitrue VIDA is an AI-powered wellbeing and desk assessment that takes a holistic approach to assess and advise employees on the optimal in-office or remote workplace setup to prevent physical health issues, burnout and boost productivity. Recommendations are in line with best practice HSE working from home health and safety guidance and ensure employers are compliant for office workplace risk and DSE assessments

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