GDPR Questions

Where do we fit into the GDPR?

The organisations we work with usually operate as the Data Controller and users are the Data Subjects. Vitrue Health operates as the Data Processor when our product is used.

How do we comply with information governance?

We strive to follow the Data Protection Act, and also embrace Privacy by Design throughout our entire engineering process.

Are Remote Assessments including image capture secure and IG compliant?

All of our services are secure and GDPR compliant.

What data do we process?

We process user data to our secure servers. This usually includes name, gender, contact details and other use related data. We only process this data when assessing users.

We also process organisation staff data who use Vitrue Health services. This usually includes organisation name, role, demographics, signatures and other use related data. See our privacy policy for details.

How long do we keep hold of your data for?

If you would like to opt out of communications or review your data sharing preferences with us, please email

Vitrue VIDA's is a wellbeing and desk assessment. This enables employers to be HSE compliant with a DSE workstation assessment that gives personalised recommendations on how to improve their ergonomics and wellbeing while working from home, remotely or in offices. It is also working from home risk assessment designed to reduce the risks of working from home ergonomics-related injuries. To help employees with the personalised advice that is needed data is needed but this is treated with utmost privacy.

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