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The leading virtual workplace assessment that automates compliance while reducing musculoskeletal pain. Cutting edge technology for remote, office and hybrid teams.

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VIDA advantages over traditional DSE assessments
High compliance

Engaging, modern assessments using the latest technology mean employees love completing assessments. No more chasing!

A DSE tool proven to reduce pain

Old DSE systems tick regulatory boxes but that's it. VIDA's AI based personal reports and follow up programs are proven to reduce pain by 34%.

Impactful insights

AI generated analytics that show you how your team's ergonomics and pain rates compare to industry standards and how you can improve.

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How VIDA helps employers

Full compliance in seconds

Onboard your team to VIDA and become compliant with health and safety and DSE regulations in 30 seconds. No more spreadsheets. No manual forms. No extra equipment needed.

A window into hybrid wellbeing

Understand your team's wellbeing and ergonomic needs wherever they are. Make data-driven decisions with insights from the office, at home and everywhere in between.

Meaningful analytics

Report on wellbeing across your company with VIDA's automatic analytics reports. Data on desk pain, burnout risk and much more, all at your fingertips.

How VIDA helps employees

Proven to reduce pain

VIDA was designed by clinical experts using the latest cutting-edge technology and ergonomic practices. Proven to reduce injuries and pain.

Knowledge to empower employees

From setting up their workspace to adapting their desk posture, VIDA gives employees the knowledge they need to take their wellbeing into their own hands and create a better, ergonomic workspace.

Personalised wellbeing

Everyone works differently. With VIDA, employees can access continual assessments and recommendations tailored to the way they work. Personalised wellbeing, time and time again.

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Detect musculoskeletal issues like back or neck pain early

Our cutting-edge technology is used to spot risks of injury in professional athletes and stop them before they happen. Give your team the same benefits.

Personalised pain reduction programs

Everyone is different. VIDA provides daily AI-powered programs of rehab videos, ergonomic insights and educational content, tailored to each individual. Everything you need to proactively reduce pain in your team.
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