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Quantified Motor Function Assessment

Provide your clients with state of the art, full-body biomechanics assessments of motor function in 5 minutes.

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Quantified Functional Health
Give your clients full body, functional assessments in 5 min

Vitrue's comprehensive functional movement assessment tools ensure patients can understand their issues and engage with their recovery. Users report 30% higher rehab compliance when shown their progress using Vitrue assessments.




of MSK patients  do not adhere to home based programs



of patients say "improving function" is their #1 reason for seeking treatment (above reducing pain at 89%!)



of MSK patients  only "somewhat understand" their injury or worse - even after treatment

"We've been working with Vitrue over the past few months to implement their musculoskeletal assessment system across our clinics. Motor function is extremely important to our customers so its extremely important to us to provide a service to screen for it. Vitrue's technology fits perfectly into our offering."


—  Head of Field Operations, Health Screening

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Acute MSK

Take baseline assessments and monitor full recovery pathway

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Elite Sports

Monitor return to play and detect injury risks

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health screening

Spot oncoming issues like hip or back problems early

Offer your clients professional grade motion analysis

Clients expect professional grade service and facilities. For the first time, your clinic can now provide them with professional athlete grade biomechanics assessment in a 15 minute session for a fraction of the cost of traditional motion capture.

Make your clinic stand out to clients for state of the art, cutting edge care and facilities.

Step 1: Functional movement

Have your patient perform gold standard functional tests in front of the Vitrue system - no calibration, nothing attached to the patient.

Includes movements to suit all patients from standing balance and sit to stands to single leg hop and drop jumps.

Step 3: Review progress

See detailed data on changes in performance over time. Show your patient how their recovery is going or change up your program if progress slows.

Step 2: Automatic assessment

Vitrue EVVA automatically detects any assessments you run using our patented "scene interpretation" technology. Clinically relevant metrics are automatically measured.

Keep your attention where it belongs, on the patient while EVVA works automatically in the background!

Step 4: Patient reports

Send your client home with an in depth, high end patient report so that they can fully understand and engage in their recovery and feel the tangible benefits of your services!

Quantitative Evidence Base

Vitrue collects objective and repeatable data about a patients motor function during tests like sit to stand, 180 degree turns and standing and sitting balance. 

Improved Sensitivity

The data collected by Vitrue can detect and highlight changes in a patients functional ability before even the patient notices. Small improvements or declines in core strength, range of motion or balance are detected to inform rehabilitation plans or prove the efficacy of new interventions. 

Reduced Admin Time

Automated reports substantially reduce the amount of admin time by providing a quantitative foundation for report. The software also provides inputs for contextual information such as environmental/social details, ADLs and cognitive function. Ultimately the system enables clinicians to spend more time with their patients while improving patient throughput and reducing delayed transfers of care. 

Standardised Reports

The information collected by the system is automatically and instantly output in clear and visual reports meaning multidisciplinary teams can take full advantage of the information at a glance.

Vitrue Health Introduction

Vitrue Health Introduction

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