A Proactive Benefit to Reduce Pain

Reduce workplace pain in your team today


of hybrid desk workers suffer from musculoskeletal problems like neck, back and shoulder pain

Impactful changes in wellbeing


Musculoskeletal pain causes more lost quality of life than almost any other health condition. Whether its neck, back, shoulder, hip or knee issues, problems with how your body moves affect almost all aspects of your life both inside and outside the workplace. 


Whether your team members are runners, cyclists, yoga fans or just running after their kids, help them avoid musculoskeletal pain and show them you care about their wellbeing both at work and in their personal lives.


Help eliminate their pain with VIDA.

If you're distracted by pain, you cannot do your best work

Studies show that pain rated as 3/10 has results in an average reduction in productivity of 15%! For the roughly 10% of staff with severe pain (>5/10), that affect is much higher. 

VIDA can help you reclaim that productive time with an almost immediate return on investment.

Its hard to be happy at work when you've got constant pain


For those 62% of employee who are sitting at work with musculoskeletal pain, it's easy for that pain to spread into frustration at work. Sometimes the challenges seem bigger and the wins seem smaller. 


But it doesnt have to be that way. With VIDA you can help to reduce that pain immediately and help your team be happier at work.

Clinical evidence at the core


At Vitrue, we pride ourselves in collecting proof of pain reduction in clinical grade case studies and analyses. 


Our most recent results show that VIDA can reduce pain for 92% of reported cases by an averge of over a third!



Targeted pain reduction program

After completing their assessment, your team member will be enrolled in a 10 day pain reduction program personalised to their pain, behaviours and working style.

Their program will include daily stretches and exercises designed to complete at their desk. Each one lasts around 5 minutes and can easily be incorporated into their day.

Personalised pain education

It has been widely proven that a key element of reducing musculoskeletal pain is helping the person to understand where the pain is coming from. 

For your colleague with back pain, VIDA will teach them how their back functions, what the common causes of pain are and how their pain program will help. 

Workspace recommendations

While VIDA's personalised program will help your team member tackle their pain, guiding them to make changes to their ergonomics and working environment will help avoid it coming back. 

VIDA's workspace recommendations take the user's existing pain into account so that they can adjust their own workspace to their needs.

Behavioural change program

After working on the pain area with targeted programs and eliminating contributing environmental factors, the last area to work on in behavioural factors. 

VIDA uses the latest in behavioural psychology to help your colleague to tweak their working habits and general behaviours to reduce the risks on their musculoskeletal health.

Self adjusting program

It's crucial that a pain reduction program adapts to each person and also changes as the user progresses. 

After every interaction with their Pain Coach program, VIDA will ask about the programs difficulty for the user and updated pain levels. Our clinical algorithms then adapt their program to ensure optimal recovery.

That's how VIDA makes sure progress doesn't plateau!

Reports to show how pain is reducing in your team

We strongly believe that wellbeing initiatives should be backed up by data where possible. 

You and the other admins of your team will receive monthly updates to show the reductions in pain in your team and how that compares with industry averages so that you can show how effective your MSK wellbeing program is.

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From productivity to job satisfaction, our guide walks through all of the impacts MSK pain has on your team and what you can do about them.

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