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Vitrue Referral Program

As a member of Vitrue's referral program, you’ll earn exclusive gifts and swag for helping spread the buzz about Vitrue.

How it works


Share a link to this page with your friends at other companies:

We qualify your lead

Our team qualifies your referral to make sure they can benefit with Vitrue.

You earn rewards

Once they sign up or have a call with Vitrue, you get rewarded with up to £250!

Earn bonus rewards

Submit more referrals to reach milestones and earn exclusive bonus rewards!

Earn on every referral

Rewards up to £250 for every qualified lead referred. A £50 for every qualified referral and an additional £200 when they convert to a Vitrue customer.

Milestone bonus:

3 Qualified Referrals: The latest in fitness trackers (Fitbit Charge 6) to help you keep active!

Milestone bonus:

5 Qualified Referrals: Sit back and relax, your evening is on us. Join our cofounders for lunch or dinner in London.

Milestone bonus:

10 Qualified Referrals: Thanks for spreading the buzz about Vitrue! Now let’s try sharing it on your new iPad.

Don't just take our word for it...

"I used Vitrue Vida because I realized I was suffering from MSK pain. The personalized assessment and recommendations really helped me address my pain points and improve my posture."

"I thought it was really easy to follow and very useful to understand my body better. It made me realize how much my posture was affecting my day-to-day life."

"These sessions are really great! I do feel better and the team at Vitrue is always supportive and knowledgeable."

"I really enjoy the sessions that Vitrue put on for us. The morning session is great for shaking off any cobwebs for the day ahead, and the afternoon session is a bit more intense and gets the blood pumping. Simona is a great instructor and leaves clear instructions on how to perform each exercise."

"Vitrue Vida has made a significant difference in how I manage my MSK pain. The personalized approach really works."

"I've noticed a huge improvement in my posture and overall comfort at work since starting with Vitrue Vida."

"The personalized risk assessment is fantastic. It helped me identify my specific issues and address them effectively."

"VIDA's AI-driven posture assessment is a game changer. It quickly identified my posture issues and provided actionable recommendations."

"The insights provided by VIDA have been incredibly helpful in managing my chronic back pain. I highly recommend it."

"Thanks to VIDA, I have a much better understanding of how to maintain a healthy posture and reduce my MSK pain."

"VIDA's personalized recommendations have made a huge difference in my daily comfort and productivity."

"I appreciate the tailored approach that VIDA offers. It addresses my specific needs and has significantly reduced my pain."

"The combination of AI assessments and personalized plans makes VIDA an invaluable tool for managing MSK pain."

"VIDA's approach is both effective and easy to follow. I've seen great improvements in my posture and pain levels."

"I was skeptical at first, but VIDA has truly helped me manage my MSK pain better than any other solution I've tried."

"VIDA's comprehensive assessment and personalized plan have been instrumental in reducing my back pain."

"I can't recommend VIDA enough. The AI-driven insights and tailored recommendations have made a huge difference."

"The ease of use and effectiveness of VIDA's program have significantly improved my quality of life."

"VIDA's online pain coach is fantastic. It provides me with daily exercises that have greatly reduced my MSK pain."

"The detailed insights and actionable recommendations from VIDA are invaluable. My posture and comfort have improved immensely."

"VIDA's personalized approach ensures that I get the most effective strategies for managing my MSK pain."

"I've seen a noticeable improvement in my posture and a significant reduction in pain since starting with VIDA."

"VIDA's AI assessments are quick and accurate, providing me with the insights I need to manage my pain effectively."

"The tailored recommendations from VIDA have been incredibly helpful in reducing my back and neck pain."

A referral to a company with more than 100 desk based employees that takes a demo of Vitrue, and meets the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline) criteria for Vitrue, will be considered a Qualified Referral.


For every referral that is qualified by the Vitrue team, you earn a reward. No hassles. 🙂


You don’t need to move a muscle once you share the Vitrue with others. A reward will be automatically triggered once your referral is qualified by the Vitrue team.


You will receive your reward within 2 days of your referring a qualified lead.


We want to reward you for helping us, so we track the number of referrals you share and reward you for every milestone you achieve with the Vitrue referral program.


They just fill out a form with their name, company and who referred them and our sales team will reach out!

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