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Solving a global problem

Even before Covid-19 40% of workplace absence was due to musculoskeletal problems. Ergonomic assessment of workspaces are one of the best tools to combat this. However in person assessments are almost impossible with remote workers. Vitrue VIDA provides the solution.

​ Vitrue VIDA provides fully self served, in depth desk assessments using a combination of adaptive questionnaires, webcam assessments using computer vision technology (developed for injury assessment in elite sports) and advanced recommendation engines. Users are given beautiful, engaging and comprehensive desk assessments with no labour cost.

Our mission is to improve the wellbeing of millions of desk workers.

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Meaningful impact

- 64% of office workers believe that their desk environment has a negative impact on their wellbeing.

- 45% of workers believe that this is because their employers do not know how to set their equipment up properly.

- Roughly one quarter of workers say that they feel aches and pains at the end of the day at their desk.

- 26% feel that their desk setups make them less productive.

And all of this was before Covid-19 caused a seismic shift in the number of people working remotely without any ergonomic desk setup.

Post Covid-19 86% of people say that they want to work somewhere other than the office at least once a week (home, co-working, cafe, abroad). This new mobile workforce will cause huge problems in ensuring workers have optimal desk setups and could lead to an explosion in musculoskeletal issues, loss in productivity and overall wellness. The traditional models of in person desk assessment will not work in this new world. Remote solutions like video calls or pdf self assessments are labour intensive when you consider a multitude of working locations or very difficult to engage with and obtain actionable data.

Vitrue VIDA’s interactive, engaging and personalised assessments and recommendations allow you to provide employers with frequent, adaptive assessments that fit any particular worker’s habits at scale for no labour cost.

At Vitrue Health our mission is to revolutionise the diagnostic tools available for musculoskeletal issues. ​

Partly motivated by the disruption to working life we experienced in our own team due to Covid-19, we adapted our core IP from our musculoskeletal diagnostics products to solve the problem of non ideal remote working setups and their affects on physical and mental health. ​

Founded in 2017 we're a Techstars Accelerator alumni and work with world leading surgeons and professional sports clubs on injury treatment and prevention.

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Say goodbye to the boring, paper self assessment (that doesn't actually tell you much...) and say hello to VIDA by Vitrue. ​

VIDA is a new cutting edge desk assessment using an AI intelligent questionnaire with computer vision through your webcam. Assessments are reactive and personalized giving you real time feedback on your home set up and how you can improve it.

Having an good desk set up can:
- Reduce back pain
- Improve employee wellness
- Increase efficiency

Musculoskeletal health is one of the most important parts of health related quality of life and can be damaged by poor work setups. Luckily, with the right knowledge it’s easy to implement.

Nearly 60% of the population are working from home due to COVID19 and 84% of staff say it is important that their employer offers them the choice of working from home in the future. ​ So even post COVID home working is here to stay; so sit up straight, in a supportive chair and get yourself comfortable using the Vitrue Interactive Desk Assessment.

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What I liked most about the tool its simplicity and the webcam assessment of posture, sitting position etc. and other interactive features. How to help our teams thrive during these exceptional times is what keeps us up at night and this tool is an amazing way to do that.

Global Leader

The experience so far has been fantastic! We're very aware of both our duties as an employer and also the importance of setting our various teams up for success at home. Working with Vitrue is letting us manage our teams' needs as they were in the office.

Next15 Health & Safety Administrator
Stephen Parrish

Our goal as a team is to make this company the best place to work. Whether that's ensuring our team have the right setup, or helping them to understand best working practicies, Vitrue's technology is helping us to do that at across our entire company.

US Electric Car Manufacturer
Global Head of Wellbeing

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