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VIDA provides you with a personalised program to help you reduce work-related pain and burnout risk while improving your work setup.

*Designed by expert clinicians.

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Impactful benefits created for your unique work setup

Improve your health & wellbeing
Take your wellbeing into your own hands. VIDA assessments are completely self-served, so you can recognise and correct any risk factors in your work setups with minimal effort.
Reduce your back and neck pain
30% of years spent with disability are due to musculoskeletal issues. Back and neck pain are the most common and often caused by poor work setups. Luckily, with the right knowledge it's easy to improve.
Tackle pains before they become serious
Most pain can be prevented from becoming chronic or persistent with the right education and pain management program. VIDA Pain Coach seamlessly delivers this at your convenience.

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A few simple steps

How it works

Once you complete a VIDA assessment, you receive personalised guidance to improve your pain, burnout risk and workplace setup.

Workspace assessment
Receive a link to complete a wellbeing and desk assessment.
Personalised recovery program
Our innovative computer vision AI assesses your posture and workplace setup.
Rehab and education
You receive personalised recommendations to improve your health and workplace setup.

Manage and reduce your pain

Thrive in remote, office or hybrid workplaces

The shift to remote and hybrid working has forced many of us into incorrect work setups and a more sedentary lifestyle. Musculoskeletal problems like back and neck pain have risen.

VIDA Pain Coach was built to help you thrive in this new normal and tackle existing pain as a result of desk working.

Personalised expert guidance

Say goodbye to generic one-size fits all advice and uninteresting health information. The guidance provided by VIDA Pain Coach is tailored to you based on your specific needs in order to achieve the best outcome.

Manage and reduce your stress

Avoid burnout

Awareness and education around burnout symptoms is the first step to fixing them. Our user-friendly assessment provides clear, simple and actionable recommendations to help you tackle burnout resulting from work or life's responsibilities.

Measure your burnout risk levels over time while following personalised recommendations from VIDA.

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