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Our mission

Vitrue Health is committed to becoming the gold standard musculoskeletal assessment for everyone, everywhere.

About us

We’re a fast moving startup passionate about bringing quantitative measurement technology to musculoskeletal healthcare.

Our mission is to change the way we assess and treat musculoskeletal conditions across healthcare. Currently clinicians rely on their sight alone to measure patient motor function and technology is doing nothing to help them. These clinicians play a key role in patient’s quality of life and our technology is all about supporting them.


Our team has expertise in computer vision, occupational therapy, biomechanics and medical device design. Together we have worked on a range of technologies from motion capture, MRI magnet design, to high precision machining and blood diagnostics.

Meet The Team


Shane Lowe


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Shane’s background is in electronic engineering and his PhD is in the prediction of oncoming health degradations based on wearable sensors. Since then he’s worked designing motion capture cameras and computer vision in blood diagnostics.


Alex Haslehurst


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Alex is originally a mechanical engineer with a special interest in engineering in healthcare. She’s worked in extremely high accuracy machining and R&D at a blood diagnostics startup. At Vitrue Alex leads the algorithmic development.


Rachel Brammer

Clinical Lead

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Rachel is a physiotherapist with multiple years experience in musculoskeletal medicine and orthopaedics working in both the NHS and private sector.  Rachel has a passion for developing services and improving the patient experience.


Chris Self

Software Engineer

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Chris is a software developer with a background in structural engineering with a passion for optimising workflows, analysis with innovative design.


Kevin Iseborn

Software Engineer

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Kevin is a full stack developer with a broad range of skills and experience having worked on everything from video game engines and 3D computer graphics to CAD software.


Yuechen Hu

UX Designer

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Yuechen has an amazing talent for taking complex clinical concepts and designing methods to get them across to both patients and clinicians. She's also chartered architect from a past career!

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