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For the last couple of months, tens of millions of people who are not used to working remotely have been spending their days hunched over laptops at kitchen tables. We're betting you are too.


We know the importance of good desk ergonomics for avoiding issues like back pain but right now, all of the efforts companies have put in to ensure their staff are well set up with ergonomic chairs and secondary monitors at the office are doing nothing!

Poor remote working setups will lead to an increase in issues like back pain (already the cause of 40% of workplace absence!).

At Vitrue, we wanted to use our technology to help employers, employees and MSK health providers ensure a well setup work environment at home. That's why we've developed Vitrue Remote Desk Assessment.

Vitrue Remote Desk Assessment automatically assesses workstation setup using just your webcam (and some cutting edge computer vision algorithms). Just click test, sit normally at your computer and instantly get results for your desk setup.

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