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Maintaining your musculoskeletal health at home

In these unusual times, with huge numbers of people mostly confined in their homes it is extremely important that we stay active, particularly for older adults. Although it may feel like there is a lot to worry about at the minute, we need to make sure this sudden drop in activity levels doesn't lead to long lasting problems once this outbreak is over. With that in mind here are some really simple exercises particularly suited for older adults to maintaining your musculoskeletal health while at home.

Some space in your home and a good kitchen chair is all you need.

1. Standing march 60 seconds

Swing your arms and march on the spot. Let's get that heart pumping!

2. Sit to stand

Try to have your arms out in front of you. Control it on the way up and the way down

3. Single leg side stretch

Stand behind the chair holding onto the back of it, lift one leg out to the side as far as you can keeping your body up right for 30 seconds.

Repeat on the other leg for 30 seconds

4. Leg lifts

Stand holding back of chair again and this time lift your leg behind you as far as you can while you keep your chest upright for 30 seconds

Repeat other leg for 30 seconds

5. Toe Raises

Holding the back of your chair rise onto your toes as far as you can keeping your balance and return to stand for 60 seconds

6. Calf stretch

Your calves will feel tight after the previous exercise so lets stretch them out

Hold the back of the chair take big step back and push your heel into the floor hold 30 seconds

Repeat other side

7. Balance

Using back of their for-support stand with either one or two hands, on your right leg for 30 seconds

Repeat on left for 30 seconds

8. Shoulder Rolls

Now sit down on the chair and roll your shoulder up to your ears and round and back nice and slowly taking deep breathes in and out.

Congratulations you have completed 8 exercises in 8 minutes!

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