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Home working, what's your setup?

With many of us working from home with a not-so-perfect desk setup you may be experiencing some new aches. Repetitive strain injuries are common among desk workers due to poor posture and partaking in prolonged repetitive activity so we thought we'd share a physio's shortlist of ways to improve your setup and reduce those new aches and pains before they start to become a problem.

Easy things you can do to improve your setup include:

  1. Back support Get off the sofa and if you don't have a computer chair use a good sturdy kitchen chair. This will encourage you to sit up straight.

  2. Reduce RSI Have your elbows by your side at an L shape with your wrists in line with your elbow. Wrist rest pads are helpful to keep the wrist in a straight position.

  3. Plant those feet Have your feet resting on the floor, if they can’t reach use a makeshift foot rest like a stack of books. Try not to cross your legs.

  4. Screen position The top of the screen should be eye level and about an arm’s distance away. The aim is to keep your neck in a nice neutral position to avoid neck pain and nasty headaches.

  5. Be organised Anything you frequently use like your phone or water bottle have within easy reach without having to twist and turn.

  6. Phone strain Try exchanging a handset for a headset, and avoid cradling your phone with your ear and your neck.

  7. Regular breaks Working from home there are less alternatives like walking to the printer, catching up with a friend at the other side of the office or walking out for lunch. Taking regular breaks from your desk is important to prevent overuse injuries and improve productivity.

If you're interested in reading more check out the CSP (Charted Society of Physiotherapists) tips for sitting at a desk! Or if you want to do something a little more active we have 8 minutes of exercises to get your heart pumping.

If you're ready for a bit more of a challenge try our #VitrueDeskBreakChallenge to get you moving throughout your working from home period and let us know how you get on!

We'd love to hear about your setup and how you're keeping active!

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