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Hip Osteoarthritis Prehab

Many elective surgeries are being postponed amid the global pandemic. Use this time as a chance to do some pre-operative rehabilitation which may help manage your pain while you wait for your surgery to be rescheduled and give you a head start on your rehabilitation after you have had the surgery.

If any of these exercises cause you pain try doing less of the movement or skip the exercise.

What you need

  • Sturdy kitchen chair

  • Scarf or tie

  • Enthusiasm

1. High march

  • Have the kitchen chair in front, using the back for support if required

  • March on the sport bringing your knee as high as you can towards your chest

  • Repeat for 60s

2. Leg abduction

  • The kitchen chair is in front, hold onto the back if you need to, keeping your toes pointing forward lift your leg out to the side

  • Try to keep your shoulder and upper body straight

  • Lift 15 times, repeat other side

3. Leg extension

  • The kitchen chair is in front, hold onto the back if you need to, left your leg behind you squeezing your bum muscles as you do so

  • Try to keep your back straight, and try not to let your chest drop forward.

  • Lift 15 times and repeat other side

4. Side stretch

  • Standing up tall, feet hip distance apart. Reach your hand up to the sky and reach over to the right come back to the middle and repeat on the other side.

  • Do 10 each side slowly and controlled

5. Knee extension

  • Let's have a seat on the kitchen chair. Sit up nice and tall.

  • Straighten your left leg as far as you can and release down

  • Repeat this 10 times

  • Challenge: to make it harder after you have completed 10 hold it at the top for 10s

6. Hip flexion

  • Stay sitting, use your scarf or tie and hook it around your foot. Using the scarf to help pull your knee in towards your chest.

  • Your chest will try to dip but try and stay sitting up tall.

  • Repeat 10 times slowly with control and try holding the last one for 5s, repeat on the other side.

7. Static quads

  • Lie on your back, put the scarf under you knee

  • Tighten your thigh, think of trying to get the back of your knee into your scarf.

  • Tighten and relax 10 times and hold the last one for 10s

8. Single leg raise

  • You can bend the resting leg to support your back

  • Lift the leg up straight roughly 40’ , pulling your toes towards you to engage your quads more

  • Repeat x 15 then change legs

Challenge: try holding the leg up for 10s after you have completed a set

9. Lying down abduction

  • Lying on your back, bend the resting leg to support your back, lift the right leg out to the side as far as you can comfortably go, return to the middle.

  • Repeat 10 times

Tip: easier with socks on to slide against the floor. You could also use your scarf or tie around the foot to help if this is too difficult.

10. Relax

You're in the perfect position to do a quick meditation with everything going on right now heck we need it!

  • Remove the towel

  • Lie on you back, close your eyes and continue taking deep long breaths 5s in and 5s out

  • Think of the breath coming into your stomach, the ribs, then your chest and into your head then hold it at the top and as you breath out from your head, into your chest, then your belly and hold it at the end.

  • Try to focus on your breath and think of any tension or stress leaving your body and you breath out.

For more information from chartered society of physiotherapy, please go to to check how you manage the hip pain

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