New biomechanics motion capture screening

At Evenstar clinic you can now add a state of the art biomechanics assessment to any of our services from preventative injury screening to recovery from surgery.
Get the same service as the pros at Evenstar.
See evidence of your progress, every step of the way

Evenstar clinic's state of the art biomechanics assessment facility uses the latest camera technology to track your performance of a range of relevant movements. 

Using this technology, usually reserved for elite athletes, we can provide you with detailed information on exactly how you compare to where you should be, what risk factors you have and how your rehabilitation program is changing your performance. 

After every Evenstar session you'll leave with an in depth, personalised digital report of your current status so you'll never be unsure of what your problem is again. At Evenstar, the days of generic print off exercises are long gone!


Step 1: Functional movement

You'll perform gold standard functional tests like single leg balance and squats in front of the Evenstar biomechanics analysis system.

Step 3: Review progress

If this is not your first assessment, we'll compare your performance to past results. 

Step 2: Automatic assessment

While our therapist guides you through the movements, key performance metrics such as center of mass movement and angles of each joint are extracted.

Step 4: Patient reports

We'll provide you with a digital report outlining your performance and go through it in detail with you. 

At this stage you'll know exactly where you stand and what you should do next.

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