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Prevent unnecessary injuries and speed up return to play

Unrivaled insights into individual and squad injury risk as well as return to play progress.

Vitrue EVVA can detect minute changes in functional movement that indicate increased injury risk and provide extremely sensitive data over time to ensure your athlete's recovery and return to play is optimal.


Whitepaper about return to play after Covid-19



Perform quantitative, accurate and sensitive assessments of athletes’ functional movements in minutes.



Rank and compare players to understand deficits and get a complete picture of strengths and weaknesses across the squad.



Use measurements to target training programs and focus on individual player’s needs while improving across the team.

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Measure player performance

You can assess your player in minutes meaning Vitrue EVVA can be easily integrated into regular warm-up or activation work allowing you to screen whole squads of players as part of weekly practice.

​Gradual changes in performance are tracked and flagged so that extra, personalised and targeted activation work or even rest can be planned to avoid unnecessary injury.

Compare the team

Vitrue EVVA allows your coaching staff and medical team to have a snapshot of the entire team's strength profile and injury risk.


Comparing performance across the squad allows you to fine tune your training programs based on both the individual players’ strengths and weaknesses as well as the entire squad’s condition. Work on position specific strength and conditioning goals and decrease the risk of injury throughout the season.


Improve performance

Vitrue EVVA’s augmented reality guides ensure players perform the movement correctly and repeatably, even when your coach or physio isn’t available to guide them. 


Every player in every team is different. Capturing in depth data on each of their functional movements in a quantitative way allows you to adapt and work on the highly specific needs of the team. Whether it’s in preseason screens, during a busy period in the match schedule or as they come back from injury.

Vitrue EVVA helps you and your athletes easily train both smarter and harder.

Auto-captured snapshots

Vitrue EVVA automatically captures images of athletes at key points in their performance of functional movements. This allows you to complete your assessment knowing that you can talk through specifics with the athlete at the end without any interruption to their performance. 

You also have the option to manually capture images whenever you want for more interactive sessions where you are teaching optimal performance.

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With Vitrue you can assess tests like:

  • Drop jump
  • Hop
  • Lunge
  • Star excursion
  • Balance
  • Squat
  • Single leg squat
  • Pistol squat
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