Prevent unnecessary injuries and speed up return to play

Perform quantitative, accurate and sensitive assessments of athlete return to play or injury risk in minutes. 

Vitrue EVVA can detect minute changes in performance that indicate increased injury risk and provide extremely sensitive data over time to ensure your athlete's recovery is optimal.

Vitrue assessments can be performed in minutes meaning you can easily screen whole squads of players as part of daily or weekly practice. 

Changes in performance are flagged so that extra activation work or even rest can be planned to avoid unnecessary injury.

During return to play periods, frequent assessments can be used to ensure optimal recovery and adapt rehabilitation plans where necessary.

Vitrue EVVA generates both coach and player facing reports so that the entire management team as well as the player have a clear picture of their status. 

Vitrue EVVA allows a coaching staff and medical team to have a snapshot of the entire teams injury risk.

What Vitrue Assesses
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